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Touch These Secret Spots To Turn Her On While On A Date

Physical touch and the way you touch a woman is one of the single most powerful things there is. On the other hand, exploring the female body to turn her on is like exploring a map of space, you don’t know where you’re going, but you just follow your instincts.

Today’s subject is about special areas of a woman’s body that really drives her wild when you pay close attention to it during a first date. It’s important that you touch a girl in spots that are sensitive, more delicate and places where she’s not self-conscious about you touching her. With that, here are the best spots to touch a girl when you’re on a first date;


Neck got multiple sensitive spots, particularly the side part that goes all the way to her jaw line down to her collarbone and right where her hair lands and towards the center of her neck is a great place to focus. Why the neck? Because the neck is filled with lots of nerve endings. This is a spot that’s going to capture a girl’s attention when you are paying attention to it.

To access that part of her neck, here’s what to do during initial interaction or a first date.

  1. If she shows up on a date or when you first meet her and you’re talking for 10-15 minutes, if she’s wearing a necklace, go and touch the necklace ever so lightly so that your fingertips are going to be touching her neck in result of touching her necklace. Touch it, give a compliment and then move on to the rest of the conversation. Do it really quickly, it’s going to make her tingle a little bit.
  2. Brush her hair back behind her neck and as you’re doing it, you’re just kind of touching her neck. It’s a good thing to do right before a kiss or when you first meet her. When you’re in a setting like a nightclub or a party, and you have been talking for a little bit and you gain a little bit of rapport or connection, you can do this move very subtle. As you’re doing it, talk to her in her ear for the reason being that she needs to hear you. So, it’s like one fell swoop kind of move that really drives her crazy.


Don’t be afraid to shake her hand like a man and don’t be afraid to give her a bear hug. If you want to grab her attention through hand to hand, be sure to do it in a powerful but not in an overpowering way. Break the touch barrier as soon as possible, which is typically when you first meet her. A handshake or a high-five would be appropriate.

When you’re having a fun time, you can reach across the table, grab her hands and say something interesting about her fingers, which you can connect to her character or interests. This gives you a very nice excuse to be able to reach out and touch her hands.


You might be walking at a bit of distance and as you walk, you can gently bump into her arm a couple of times. If you’re in a restaurant, it’s best to be seated close by your date so that she can be close enough to where you could reach out.

We hope these tips have helped you to be successful with your interactions with women and you find yourself connecting with her more and more.

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