How to Make Time For Yourself as a New Mother

As a new mother, it’s important to find time for yourself, where you can relax, wind down and process your experiences. Doing so will benefit your newborn too, where simply recharging your batteries will help you focus on being the best mother you can be.

But finding time for yourself isn’t easy, especially when your child has no desire to be alone. This is where routine and order can be of great benefit to mother and child, where a great schedule can genuinely make all the difference.

Prioritizing your day around the needs of your family is a forward-thinking philosophy, one which will enable you to get the breathers you need.

But how exactly do you find time for yourself as a new mother? Here are some top tips to sink your teeth into:


Though it’s essential to retain a level of flexibility to ensure daily activities are fun, not regimented, scheduling is a great way to free up some spare time. Things like independent playtime, structured playtime and nap time will benefit parent and child.

Why? Well, within your allotted time there will be windows of opportunity to have a break. During your downtime, you’ll be pleased for some peace and quiet, and later reenergized for your motherly duties.

It’s up to you what you do in your spare time. If you’re struggling for inspiration, why not read a book, take a nap or get stuck into a hobby of yours. Whatever the circumstances, time for yourself should be just that, though if you wish you can always use some of it for further planning!

Locking Doors

This perhaps seems extreme from the heading, but is certainly nothing untoward! If ever you need a few minutes to yourself, why not ask your husband if he’s happy to watch on the kids for a short time while you go and get a rest?

Locking the door is key in this situation, otherwise you’ll remain engaged. Creating some separation from your newborn, albeit brief, will help you unwind for the short amount of time you need.

Discovering an environment conducive to relaxation can be just what the doctor ordered. Why not take a shower and leave your partner on duty? That 15 minutes away will give you an opportunity to restore your sanity, enabling you to regain the patience necessary to keep your cool.

Appreciate Every Second

Time is more valuable than money. Once spent, there’s no getting it back. The last thing you’ll want to do is procrastinate, or spend time being unproductive when you could have actually attended to some important tasks.

If you’re ever in a position where you sit there and think ‘where did the last three hours go’, chances are you aren’t managing your time effectively. The worst thing about not capitalizing on every moment is that you could have much better, quality time for yourself after fulfilling your duties.

It’s best to avoid distractions like Facebook, TV, Netflix, etc, and perhaps focus on unlocking the best version of yourself. The aforementioned distractions can, however, be used to unwind during your allocated relaxation time.

But even then why not maintain high standards and use your free time to do something purposeful. Bake, sew, do some painting, whatever floats your boat. Avoid your ‘black hole’ behaviors at all costs, those which will send you into oblivion and ultimately lead to time wasted.

Get Outside Help

There’s no shame in admitting you need help, in fact receiving outside help will ensure your child gets the best quality upbringing available to them. Getting help from others will undoubtedly free up time for yourself, whether you seek it from a babysitter, family member or friend.

You should schedule this into your everyday life, understanding it will significantly help your child’s development. Make sure getting help is a priority, whether it’s an hour here or an hour there, every little bit helps.

Some opt to hire a mother’s helper to visit once or twice a week. Doing so doesn’t necessarily mean leaving the building when they arrive, but it will simply give you some time to take a backseat in more of an observer’s role. During the downtime you get you can do some washing, put the laundry away or simply unwind.

The free space you’ll receive is worth every cent, cherished as an integral part of your everyday schedule.

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