How to Find a Babysitter at the Last Minute

Finding an on-demand babysitting service can be difficult at the best of times. With a potentially hectic circumstance at hand, knowing where to look can bring awareness to an otherwise gloomy situation.

Let’s picture a scenario where you’re attending an illustrious event but fail to remember it until the last minute. This would have been fine during your pre-parenting years, but now you have bigger responsibilities to consider.

Imagine the thought of cancelling looms, until you remember all is not lost. But is organizing a last minute babysitter a realistic possibility?

Well, fortunately there are many apps and websites which offer last minute babysitting services. Here are some great examples for you to sink your teeth into, to find a babysitter at short notice:


Facebook is a continuously growing community, with a forever expanding collection of groups for just about everything you can think of. This makes it a fantastic tool for connecting people, in this case to find a last-minute babysitter.

You might need to do a bit of research to discover a suitable group, but the likelihood is they’ll be an active parenting group within your area. These are used by parents in need of a babysitter, so why not take advantage of a network that’s relevant to you?

You can post within relevant groups explaining your situation. Once you’ve established a presence in said group, building a rapport with other members via regular posting, you can develop a babysitting circle to tap into during times of need.

The best thing about using Facebook to find a babysitter is you’ll encounter various like-minded people, those willing to dish out some top recommendations. Establishing a group of trusted friends is a great way to expand your horizons, so you’re ready for when the unexpected occurs.

Bubble’s Express Book

Bubble’s Express Book is dedicated to short-notice babysitting, allowing you to find a babysitter for either the same or next day. But how does this concept work?

Well, as a parent you can post your specific babysitting requirements. This will trigger alerts for local sitters, who can bid in real-time for the job you’ve created. It’s typical to post and envision a lack of response, however you’ll be surprised by the engaged community present here.

Having posted your babysitting requirements and received responses, you can elect the babysitter you want, with an opportunity to message those available. Express Book allows you to make a careful, well-informed decision based on the extensive profiles and reviews left from other local parents. This is great for added peace of mind and reassurance.


Having established a presence in more than 60 cities across the UK, UrbanSitter is a subscription based solution for last minute sitting. Parents can pay $19.95 per month for an annual membership, or fork out a one off fee of $99.95.

A subscription entitles you to unlimited access to an array of local babysitters. You can either search babysitters or post a job which outlines expectations, screening questions, perks etc. You’ll also receive access to Sitter Lists, where you can uncover the most highly recommended caregivers as rated by fellow parents.

Sitters can be booked and paid for using credit card, via a secure, encrypted payment service through the website or app.

Operating in more than 20 countries across the globe, including all 50 states in America, is a community where you can post jobs for free and exchange messages with babysitters. A premium membership is required for additional services, where you can obtain references, exchange contact details and run background checks.

There are affordable rates to explore, on a website which makes it very easy to post jobs within specific time frames. Subsequently you can narrow down your options based on pay rates, education levels and abilities.

With over 24 million members, is the largest caregiving service provider on the planet. By utilizing the website there’s a great chance you’ll secure a babysitter at the last minute. You can manage and pay for bookers via credit card, whether you elect to use the app or the website itself.

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