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10 Kissing Traditions Around The World

Kissing is something that is always associated with intimacy. But if you toss into many cultures, you will learn that kissing is not always associated with lust. It can be a way of greeting someone, or an introduction to someone whom is a total stranger to them. Also, kissing is not limited to lips as there are cultures that use nose and cheeks in giving kiss.

Here we will learn the 10 kissing traditions around the world;

  1. France: Cheek-to-Cheek-to-Cheek kiss

This is a regional practice in France as a way of greeting each other. The number of kiss on the cheeks differs among regions. In Paris, people kiss cheeks twice, while in Corsica people usually go with five kisses.

  1. Brazil: Dois Beijos

Brazilians are not afraid to be physically close with someone regardless of their gender. Same as France, depending on the region, you will likely receive kiss one to three times. When they first met someone, they will give two kisses – one on each cheek. In Salvador, their customary kiss is three times- two on one cheek and one on the other.

  1. Italy: Il Bacio

The common Italians greeting is kissing the cheeks or Il bacio. It is typically only done women-women, men-women, but rarely men-men. The proximity of the kiss mostly depends on the women, so don’t feel awkward if you’re getting many kisses.

  1. UAE and Saudi Arabia: Nose Kiss

Nose kiss in UAE and Saudi Arabia does not signify intimacy but a handshake rather. It is an authentic Arab tradition and a symbol of pride.

  1. Greece: Kiss and Slap at the back

For Greece people, a way of saying “nice to meet you” is by slapping the back of the person and giving two kisses after. On the other hand, in a wedding ceremony, the groom kisses the right hand of the bride’s father to show his deep respect and gratitude.

  1. Argentina: A Hug and Beso

It is customary in Argentina to give people a beso on the right cheek when saying hello or goodbye. Both female and male gives each other a beso, with a little kiss, whenever they meet.

  1. Pakistan: Kiss on Cheeks and on Hand

In Pakistan, the female kiss on cheeks their family and friends, while male typically gives hug and shakes hand. In Gilgit Balistan’s culture, family members make kiss on cheeks followed by a hand kiss.

  1. Christians: Kiss of Peace

“Kiss of Peace” is Christians’ way of greeting each other with a holy kiss as instructed by Apostle’s Paul. Later, this was changed into hug and kiss on the cheeks as a sign of forgiveness.

  1. English and Germans: New Year’s Kiss

English and Germans would celebrate New Year by kissing someone when the clock hit’s twelve. They believe that kissing someone at the stroke of midnight will strengthen their bond and will give them prosperous relationship.

  1. Turkish: Hand Kissing

During special occasions, Turkish kisses the hands of their older relatives to express their love, respect and loyalty to their older relatives.

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