What is does BBW stand for?

What Does BBW Stand For?

The BBW abbreviation has become one of the most widely used slang words on the internet. In particular, when it pertains to pornography. The vast majority of porn websites have entire sections dedicated to the acronym. Although some know about it, others remain in the dark about what BBW actually stands for. In part, that’s because there are several different meanings or uses for it. However, most agree that the widely used BBW acronym and abbreviation, stands for big beautiful women. All of the others are not as popular or as recognized as big beautiful women is.

Indeed, we are living in the day and age of shorthand, slang words and acronyms. Most of it comes from people texting and using instant messaging apps. In order to make it easier and faster to conversate, individuals rely on them. Doing so allows them to cut corners when they are messaging one another. No one really knows where BBW originated from or when it became so popular. Suffice to say that today, the slang word is everywhere you look.

When it comes to adult content, BBW is very well-known. In fact, BBW porn has managed to become one of the top 20 most searched for categories in pornography. Furthermore, many people credit the adult industry with helping make BBW what it is today. Now, it’s very easy for anyone to find endless free porn on the web related to big beautiful women. The porno sector, is one of the platforms where plump ladies have no qualms about stripping in front of the camera. Not only that, they go a step further and engage in wild, raunchy and arousing sex. These awesome big women get dirty in the BBW porn movies.

Countless of people believe that the adult world is responsible on several fronts for the popularity behind BBW. Not only as it pertains to pornography, but in several other ways. When most of society ignored plump women, the porn industry supported and promoted chubby female porn. Especially at a moment in time when no one else would. The truth is that the human civilization, has been duped when it comes to women and their weight. Major film studios, Television, magazines and every other form of media, embraced skinny females. They made it so slim was in and fat or chubby was out.

For decades, girls were told that they had to be a certain weight in order to be considered sexy and hot. Some still are being told and indoctrinated that today. Millions of young women who aspired to be models spent time doing all they could to be skinny. Many of them starved and did other outrageous things in order to maintain their weight. Bulimia and other eating disorders became rampant. Models in magazines were championed, even though they were anorexic. Or at least visually appeared to be so.

Slowly though, people began to see right through this facade. As individuals got hold of Smartphones and other video recording devices, homemade movies skyrocketed. For instance, amateur porno movies were being uploaded to adult sites in record numbers. Social media sites, messaging apps and other platforms were used to share the pornographic content. Before long, hundreds of adult videos featuring fat or chubby women began to appear on porn sites. Visitors commented, shared and viewed these hardcore porn movies of plump women by the millions.

In no time, individuals started searching for more adult content depicting large girls. Big beautiful women, encouraged by the attention and love, became emboldened. More of them made homemade porn movies of their own. The rest as they say, was history. In a short period of time, BBW porn became one of the most searched for genres. The attention and adulation obese or larger than normal females were getting, rubbed off to other industries. Magazines, TV shows and mainstream Hollywood movies jumped in on the BBW bandwagon. Big and plump women were now appearing everywhere. Instead of using skinny and anorexic looking female models, media outlets accepted and embraced overweight girls.

The result has been a change in how society as a whole, views females. Moreover, how sexy, hot and sensuous, was and is defined. Beauty is now actually in the eye of the beholder. In this case, being the millions of people who watched BBW porn videos all the time. Clearly, pornography has played a key role in making BBW what it is today. Additionally, in making thick and large girls feel better about themselves. In the porn world, they all had a platform to showcase themselves via the homemade porn movies.

Today, bbw films are highly popular. At the same time, as their popularity grows, more content becomes available. In a way, it works out better for everyone involved. People who want to find free BBW porn, have more of it. And big beautiful women who want to show themselves, get a platform to do so.

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